Preceptor is a project in the making.  This act is sure to mesmerize its audience.  Even the name is intriguing, as it means "teacher or instructor." What could this band have to teach, you may be wondering?  The world certainly never fails to supply a creative mind enough raw material to write about!  This project is the brainchild of vocalist, Steven Lindsay, and Shahryar Sadree, founder of Fate Management Group.

Steven Lindsay is a multi-talented musician who has been working one-on-one with Sadree.  His talents include writing drums, guitar, bass, and even lyrics!  What makes Steven so unique of a musician is his ability to manage his ego, making him very easy to work with!  Steven's passion is singing, and he does it a lot! He has been training with professional vocalists to become a signature voice, like the legends we all know and admire.  Seven is the model young musician FMG is looking for.  If you are interested to audition for Preceptor, or have a band you think has what it takes to perform like the pros do, Contact us today.

Steven Lindsay / PRECEPTOR



Crimson Shadow is a powerful metal band from St. Petersburg.  The shows are getting more and more interesting as each one is different than the last.  This band uses theatrics along with their music, to tell horrific tales of ghastly human behavior!  The band has a huge sound and powerful vocals that will rattle your insides as it blows your mind away from your body.  Chris Harper sets the tone for the morbid stories that follow!  Rumor has it, that these guys could be the next big band to break from Tampa.  Come out and see them for yourself.  You won't regret it!  If you love hard pounding metal like you've never seen in a club setting, this show is sure to keep your thirst for blood well quenched.  Crimson Shadow's schedule is filling up with dates and more shows are booking.  They are also available for private parties.  Just make sure you have cool neighbors, and just to be safe, You may want to invite them over.  Because, the music of Crimson Shadow is sure to wake the dead!


Crimson Shadow_feature pic

What is Fate Management Group?

We are a production, promotion, and management company in the Tampa area.  we work with local bands and local venues to bridge a gap that has been misunderstood and overlooked for way too long! Our goal is to bring back a strong music scene to the Tampa Bay Area through the brokering of a deal between the venues who need the entertainment and the talent seeking the exposure.  Both sides want the same thing …lots of paying customers and a successful evening.

Our management staff will reach out and connect with the talent and get them to understand the need for order and discipline to succeed. Most musicians don't understand the business side, and that's okay.  Not all small business owners had a clue what they were doing in the beginning either.  They did what most before them did.  They took a leap of faith and started somewhere.  A lot of those risk takers learned quickly that losses add up, and waiting too long to correct failed ideas and processes will seal their Fate, literally, OVERNIGHT.


What We Do

Our management staff also handle all of our band’s business affairs. We are a member of each band we sign. They focus to perfect the act, making the performance worthy of the cost of admission. And we handle their business. We have web developers, software engineers, bookkeepers, accountants, and more. Our resources help each act appear and function as the professionals people pay to see in stadiums.

We use funnel systems to reach out to all potential fans. A Funnel system is a CRM program that will send emails and texts frequently to reach out periodically (automatically) to grow a fan base for each client (talent).  Funnels work effectively when there is enough contact information fed into them. Fans are also known to freely sign up when there are cash and prizes involved.  This much is science. Winning free merchandise or even a guitar raffled off with the band’s signature, logo, etc. is worthy of advertisement from the venue as well.


Unity Involves All Parties

The venue also has some responsibility to promote the live events that take place at their establishment on any given night. We do from our end and the venue must do it from theirs.  For there to be a unified effort to bring NEW faces to your establishment, the venue must advertise the event as well.  Every time our band takes the stage, they will be playing to new faces, along with their own following.  Promotional Giveaway events can be a huge payoff for all parties involved.  Keep in mind that it takes an immense amount of energy to produce what will be needed to restore the Tampa Bay music scene back to its known full potential.  Entertainment is something that all humans need and will pay for to experience, especially if the show is worth the ticket. A collaborative effort by the artist, the venue and our resources will steer Fate in a more favorable direction for all parties involved.