To the Venue-

With all due respect, before you read this, please consider a few things about this open letter of truth.  I don’t sugar coat anything except my coffee in the morning, and I even do that conservatively.  Some of what I say may offend some of you. You have that right to be offended.  However, as you keep reading you will see that I am only stating FACTS. Truth has a way of pissing people off because it stomps out bullshit before it can blindly be accepted. People who have stake in cheating others hate being called out.  Tampa was once coined as the Metal Capital of the world. Bands like Stranger, Savatage (later TSO), Diecide, and many more are rooted right here in this area!


What was once the Great, Tampa Music Scene is now dying a very slow and painful death. I am saying this from the perspective of a professional musician that is no stranger to this area since the mid 80’s.  My name is Shahryar Sadree.  My family moved to Florida in 1986. By 1990, my band Riff Raff was playing the Tampa circuit. There were several venues we played a lot.  Killian’s, Boomerangs, The Volley Club, ML Chasers, The Rockit Club… to name a few.  Later there was Gasoline Alley, Boomers, and Bourbon Street.  These were all music venues that all had so much potential.  Where are they all now?

I spoke to a few of the venue owners, not as a business professional, but as a member of a local band.  I was told that I was going to promote show at the club I was playing at, AND being part of the entertainment for the night.  My payment was going to be a crisp $100 bill I was going to share with my bandmates. Also, I had to send 15% of that generous paycheck to the promoter (middleman) for booking me at that show. BELOW IS A PICTURE OF THE ACTUAL CONTRACT.  I hid the names to avoid litigation, but you get the idea.  This was the actual contract presented to our drummer, who was acting as our manager at that time.


Try and process the source of the problem that led to the poisoning of this once great market. If you want to see profits beyond what you have now, and want to keep it going strong, we need to unify.  Today, I am a life and business strategist. I help small businesses and individuals alike. I came to realize that to fix any problem in any business, the mindset OF IT'S OWNER had to change FIRST.  If you want to know more about me and what I’ve done in this incredible journey Visit my personal website.  Then, Google my name: Sharyar Sadree.

My mission is to bring back the Tampa Music Scene. After seeing what the industry fat cats have done with their power, a mass collapse of the old ways is eminent.  The artists deserve a fair opportunity, and Fate Management Group will need your help to build a new system that works for both the artist and the venue alike.  It's just the right thing to do.

Shaun 1

Logistically, it makes sense that when you put someone who doesn’t have the knowledge or resource in charge of doing something that requires BOTH, you can expect disaster.  Time on your stage must return with a profit.  Otherwise, you are wasting your most valuable resource…TIME. You will never get that back for next time.  To grow a business, you must be able to learn from the past mistakes of others and claim ownership for your own. Continuing to make the same mistakes over and over will not help you grow.

Marketing and advertising your venue are YOUR responsibility. NOT the bands you book. Sure, if they are hustling like they should, you will see an influx of new patrons you can sell your liquor to.  But ultimately, you will need to be the one to promote THEM, if you want to see a change for the better.  It’s YOUR club.  You own it, maintain it, and benefit from it the most.  Advertising is a cost of doing business.

Marketing and advertising your establishment will return in higher profits only if:

  • Your management is on the ball and not wasting your profits by way of neglect, or of duty.
  • The venue is a clean and safe place to enjoy the time spent there.
  • The talent you book is worthy of the time on your stage and the cost of a ticket or cover.
  • NEW PATRONS ARE REELED BACK TO SEE A NEW ACT THEY HAVEN'T SEEN YET.  The venue has the power to draw from all past visitors.  A new band just starting out, or a group with their own following  doesn't have access to your past customer's contact list.  And if you don't have one, you aren't doing your part.

You cannot put this burden on the shoulders of the bands you book to fill your entertainment schedule.  This one is YOURS.  They have enough of their own to carry.  Venues must support the artists by doing what is needed from their end to build a strong following. This really isn't a lot to ask for.  And, In case you missed it, the current state of the global economy is crushing everyone from the bottom upward.  The ones getting rich are the globalist psychopaths, not the starving musicians. Helping promote them will promote the venue as well.  

Something to Consider

As a professional musician myself, this is what THEY must do to play 45 minutes on your stage.

  • Meet regularly to write and rehearse – the amount of time is unmeasurable. Some bands meet several times a week to get their act ready to play out. Some band members live close to others, and some must travel several miles to meet up to do this. The rising cost of fuel these days makes it hard to travel, even a few extra miles.
  • Purchase, learn, and maintain expensive equipment to do the show.
  • Market themselves to their own following by way of paid advertising and other social media connections, which takes time from every member.
  • Produce and pay for merchandise to sell at their shows.
  • Tear down, load, DRIVE TO YOUR PLACE OF BUSINESS, unload, set up, sound check, perform (for you).
  • THEN, tear down, load and drive back to their home base to unload and set their gear up for their next rehearsal.

All of this takes place AFTER they spend countless hours learning their instrument and their craft to the level of playing in a band. Music is a passion to the musician who seeks a career.  But a career is a paying gig. And unless the pay can compensate the artist fairly, you will lose a great act simply because they cannot afford to do the above anymore.  The economy is shifting.  Businesses who want to survive must change their mindset. The band is a business.  Any musical act that I sign will have the understanding that our expectation is for them to do their part, and we will do ours.

I’m sincerely sorry if I offended some of you, but the truth is also very offensive, and in some cased combative.  Only because it wages war without prejudice on misinformation, unsubstantiated opinion, and one’s own ego. Business functions by way of logistics and numbers (you can chat with my accountant if you like).  To fix any problem we must acknowledge it to BE a problem. Because you cannot fix something you can't acknowledge.  The proof is in front of you.  So many artists that I know will agree with me.  Even more artists that I don't know take to social media to bitch about it.  Fate Management Group is DOING something. I need your help.  There are a lot of moving parts to this, but if we all do what's ours, we will get back a music scene we can all be proud of again!  Music is a powerful platform.  More powerful than religion and politics combined! Let's help each other unite and make the world a better place for the youth of this once great nation!  If you GET IT, I salute you!

You Rock